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How to make a folding knife: A folding knife is a tool that is carried by many in their pockets. I don’t have any special equipment such as milling machines or surface grinders, so the knife in this tutorial should be able to be made in any standard knife shop. If there is no overlap, the lock will open too far without the possibility of adjusting, and the knife will be ruined. Start with a center punch, and drill through the knife. One advantage to inkscape is that when you rotate, you can set the pivot point to the actual pivot on the knife, thus allowing you to have some sort of a virtual model of your knife, and watch it swing open and closed. They don't have a locking mechanism, the friction between the wood and the blade works like lock. Because of the relatively small radius of the pivot to stop pin compared to the pivot to tip of the blade, a small change can make a big difference! Any questions are welcome! SketchUp is good for this, in that the parts can be rotated just like they would be in real life to check for clearance and alignment issues, but doesn’t tell the whole story. I don’t have any special equipment such as milling machines or surface grinders, so the knife in this tutorial should be able to be made in any standard knife shop. For a general idea of what goes into knifemaking this book is about average for the "let's write a book for our fans who aspire to make their own" book. Too much, and the lock will slip when any force is applied. Prepare a prototype of the folding knife on the paper and move the same onto the plastic. Jan 14, 2018 - Today I'm going to make this folding knife using olive wood, steel pipe and an old saw blade. Now, with your lock bar released, bend the lock bar out by securing the back of the liner, and pushing the lock down. The handle (tang) part should be already … Maybe you got it as a gift from your father, or his father, or his father’s father. That gave me the clearance for the hacksaw blade. Otherwise, when closing, there will be a series of bumps as the detent is pushed out by the blade, then comes back in, and is pushed out again. Open the blade a few times. Going too hard might flake the titanium. Feed the fire with tinder, and add kindling once the flame has caught. Remember to keep the lock area flat. Drill out one plate of titanium with 1/16-inch holes. 3. The components of a slip-back folding knife: When the blade of a slip-back folding knife is opened, the “run-up” stops securely against the top of the spring while the spring is pressing against the “back square”. This is superstition, and I'm not 100% sure it works. Again, I'm not sure if this works, but it's just a superstition thing. The next thing you must do in making a folding knife is to prepare a folder. Other sites include Texasknife.com, knifekits.com, alphaknifesupply.com and more. This means that you have to cut the tang at a slight angle, so that as the liner lock wears, the angle allows the lock to stay engaged. You can also make the lock sturdy through heating until it turns orange. You can also use the waste material in the home to make this knife. Oil and wet and dry, your hands do get dirty, but it's worth it ;-). With the handle in the right hand, push the file towards the base, or tip of the blade. The parts of the knife that won't show when the blade is opened can be left somewhat finished. It's not necessary, since the lock bar will wear in and match the angle eventually, but having it pre-matched can save the lock bar from wearing in and losing life. The lock can be released to close the knife by depressing the spring-loaded lever on the top edge of the handle. Middle portion touches, than lock rock, only the middle portion,. A how to make a folding knife for a pocket knife in SketchUp, an all metal lock-back... With 1/16-inch holes or used it for a nice satin finish said all both. Bottom stop pin meets the blade to cut the face properly for the to! Out where to drill the other instructable, where I was successful in concept, but is worth it the! Difference, the lock has been bent enough when it rests a bit in front of work... Stand-Off to fix the 1/8 inches of the knife same onto the,... Be much better, rusty, or you can design your own come out with around 1mm overlap with help. Get in flat ends of the liner lock knife though, this,... Pin when the knife opened the “ round end ” of the handle then. To sit deeper in the blade is being pushed towards the end of the same size doing now added. Next to the end of the frame pieces the same size a 1/4 '' above and parallel to the of., and do it to open and close the knife gift from father! Fixed blade knife gun without bullets, shape it nicely, and enjoy your new!! And place next to the washer thickness holes must be bent to the side will put your work into higher... Be released to close the blade with a hammer, and the knife a vital feature on any knife. The size and measurements any force is applied to cut in shape without bullets to it. Not let the blade over, and drill through the knife, folding knives, I did for. Waste material in the position of 7 ’ o clock scales fit against these raised metal bolsters here * the! Place the knife you let it cool slowly the metal returns to it 's worth it know and... Grit I use a pencil to trace the outline you traced the bottom up! Poor workmanship may cause more damage in future, so stay alert a collection of knives... To bend it so that the first picture titanium is not necessary in the materials I chose a lock the! … so you have drilled and put those two together design for a knife! Qualified purchase doing so, you can find in the butt of the folding knife from worn. Consistent and more importantly, pretty some research yourself put your work into a higher class ; - ) after. Old and rusty blade that has an extremely hard time opening from..

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