i hope you're happy now chords no capo

This is my first contribtion! EADGBE. like a matador with his pork sword while, in his turquoise pa- jamas and his motorcycle hat------------>I, hope you're happy now because you'll soon put, A G F♯ IA hope you're happy now, Emaj6 DaddE, o o x o o, ____________ ____________, 6 5 4 3 2 1 6 5 4 3 2 1, 1I X 1I, 2I X X X 2I X X, 3I 3I X, 4I 4I, 5I 5I, 6I 6I. [Intro] D A E D A E [Verse 1] D A E D We don't wanna believe it, that it's all gone A E D Just a matter of minutes, before the sun goes down A E D A E D We're afraid to admit it, but I know Music video by Carly Pearce, Lee Brice performing I Hope You’re Happy Now. How come I ain’t seen you around before? Ah, per sempre io ti perdei - from I puritani Clair de lune Digital Sheet Music for I Hope You're Happy Now by , Jonathan Singleton, Lee Brice, Carly Pearce, Luke Combs, Randy Montana scored for Piano/Vocal/C.... Buy fully licensed online digital, transposable, printable sheet music Clair de lune . C That I hope you're happy That I hope you're happy [Chorus] C I hope you're happy Am I hope you're good F I hope you get what you wish for G And you're well understood C … I don’t mean to pry but, girl I gotta know, what is your name? D Dsus. I saw you going by https://guitarchords.country/sam-hunt-kinfolks-chords-tabs-guitar-acoustic/, No Capo C x32010 F 133211 or x3321x Dm xx0231 D7 xx0212 G 320033 G7 320001 A7 x02020 E7 020100 [Intro] C – C [Verse 1] C His last name was Flores C He came up from Juarez F C, https://guitarchords.country/miranda-lambert-tequila-does-chords/, No Capo Bm x24432 A x02220 G 320033 [Intro] Bm A G Bm A G (rock out) [Verse 1] Bm Yeah, we drank on it A Cranked some Hank on it G A Got a little crazy, raised a little, https://guitarchords.country/jason-aldean-dirt-we-were-raised-on-chords/, No Capo [Verse 1] G Street lights along the highway D Throwing shadows in the dark Em And the memories keep on turning C To the rhythm of a broken heart [Chorus] G You only need a roof when it’s, https://guitarchords.country/chris-stapleton-parachute-chords/, Capo 4th Fret E 022100 G 320033 D xx0232 A x02220 Strumming Pattern: Down – Down – Down – Up-Down-Up Now I’m not trying to pat myself in the back, but I just want to let all of y’all know, https://guitarchords.country/lil-nas-x-old-town-road-chords-billy-ray-cyrus/, Capo 1st fret G 320033 Am7 x02010 C x32010 [Intro] G Am7 C G [Verse 1] G See the way you’re taking care of your Mama Am7 The way you’re taking care of me C The way you light up, https://guitarchords.country/kane-brown-good-as-you-chords/, Capo 3rd Fret Em 022000 G 320033 C x32010 Cmaj7 x32000 D xx0232 D/F# 2×0233 [Intro] Em – G – C – G – Em – G – C – G – [Verse 1] Em G C G It’s all, https://guitarchords.country/carly-pearce-i-hope-youre-happy-now-chords-lee-brice/, No Capo [Intro] C – F – G C – F – G [Verse 1] C F G Rust on the water tower White steeple in the blue sky C F G Takes more than forty hours To make it, https://guitarchords.country/cole-swindell-right-where-i-left-it-chords/, Capo 4th Fret G 320033 C x32010 D xx0232 Em 022000 D/F# 2×0233 [Intro] G [Verse] G C Once I fall in love then I’ll be happy G D But then you fall in love and there’s still a hole, https://guitarchords.country/lauren-alaina-getting-good-chords/, Capo 3rd Fret G 320033 Em 022000 C x32010 Bm x24432 [Verse 1] G Em C Do you love the rain, does it make you dance G When you’re drunk with your friends at a party? i hope you're happy now piano chords. Capo … Miranda Lambert – Tequila Does Chords (Easy Version), Jason Aldean – Dirt We Were Raised On Chords, Chris Stapleton – Parachute Guitar Chords, Lil Nas X – Old Town Road Chords (Billy Ray Cyrus) Complete Version, Kane Brown – Good As You Chords and Lyrics, Carly Pearce – I Hope You’re Happy Now Chords (Lee Brice), Cole Swindell – Right Where I Left It Chords, Dan + Shay – 10000 Hours Guitar Chords Justin Bieber. a Bm nd I hope you' D re happy n E ow. A too. C. he's a fine figure of a man and handsome. I had to say hello [Verse 1] *strumming sounds weird here, just pick it. nd I know that this will hurt you, e's acting inncocent and proud still you know what he's, fter. This is just a very simple chord pattern for this song, something to strum along too if barre chords prove a little bit too tiring! All content on this page is the property of the copyright owner of the original composition. F Am Chorus Am I hate to lose Bm what can i say C i hope you're happy D in every way Verse G G/F# Em Em7+ I hope you're happy when this love G Em7+ even now it's sad G Em7 and i feel so bad Am D7 G Am / D i hope you're happy with him. 17.09.2020 / 1. like a matador with his pork sword while, Learn the song with the online tablature player. F♯m Emaj6. G Em C What’s, https://guitarchords.country/dan-shay-10000-hours-chords-justin-bieber-guitar-tabs/. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. F Am G Am G Elvis Costello - I Hope Youre Happy Now Chords Learn the song with the online tablature player. Bm B flat A B flat. C.he's a fine figure of a man and handsome, Atoo.Asus with his eyes upon the secret places, Bm B flat A B flat, IA hope that you're happy noA7w the way you're supposed to be, aEsus4nd I know that this will hurt you, hCe's acting inncocent and proud still you know what he's, aAsus4fter.

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