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In the U.S., the company's share of all retail sales is as high as 7.7 percent, including sales made by other retailers who sell on Amazon's Marketplace. This dwarfed visits to Wallmart (59 million), eBay (54 million visits), The Home Depot (36 million visits), and Groupon (32 million visits). While most of the Amazon data only provides approximate values, we can see that the platform is the first choice for consumers. But it's captured about 30% of the Indian ecommerce market, and is poised to grow that 23% annually until 2027. However, with innovations such as Alexa and Amazon Prime Air, Amazon remains an incredible option for many vendors. What should we compare it to? Manage distribution to 400+ stores for ebook, printing on demand, and audio via a single dashboard. But Amazon's market share is … A whopping 65% of Amazon customers use computer devices to buy products. Clearly, owing to Amazon’s monstrous market size, the going is tough for competitors. Amazon Prime is an exciting membership service that gives subscribers free two-day shipping. Despite moderate revenue growth of 0.74 % within Media segment, Amazon com Inc improwed its market share within this segment to 57.56 %. providing a stark example of the kind of hurdles Amazon faces in Europe. That’s a political question as much as it’s an economic one. Better still, with a big chunk of the top sellers on Amazon using the FBA service, one thing is evident. In recent years, the company has seen a monumental shift, driving the online retail industry into incredible heights. On average, 45% of US consumers scroll through at most two search pages when searching for a product to buy on Amazon. As of July 2019, Amazon ranked 10th in global internet traffic engagement. So, if you buy a $1,000 TV on Amazon from a third party supplier, Amazon will charge the supplier (say) $150 in fees for shipping and handling and commission, and report $150 as third party service revenue, but won’t treat the $1,000 as Amazon revenue at all. Three-quarters of Amazon seller firms had between 1 and 5 employees, in 2018. Meanwhile, the Amazon Chime SDK uses 14 data center regions, and Microsoft ACS touts 18 data center regions. However, only 53% of Amazon’s total revenue is the actual direct ecommerce business. Benedict Evans recently did a great 2018 market share analysis for Amazon on its share of US e-commerce and addressable US retail. Interestingly, price (62%) is the biggest motivation for consumers selecting an Amazon Brand. To put things in perspective, this is more than Amazon’s top three competitors combined, with eBay coming in at 6.6%, Apple at 3.9% and Walmart at 3.7%.. Needless to say, Amazon is the leader in online sales, with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. But if you do it right, then you focus on the market that actually matters. Remember that the next time you see someone claiming that AWS subsidises Amazon.). Amazon's market share in India: 30%. Paperback $13.99 $ 13. At the end of 2018, AWS had 33 percent of the market and Azure 15 percent. The report reveals that Amazon dominates UK ecommerce (30.1%), accounting for $30bn in sales in 2019. He has written extensively on these two subjects, being a firm believer in SaaS to PaaS migration and how this inevitable transition would impact economies of scale. The latest closing stock price for Amazon as of December 18, 2020 is 3201.65. Market Share. This is a significant increase from 2.1 billion visits registered in February 2018. The more that ecommerce expands beyond the original commodity categories, the more that we see new and different models and experiences proliferating. That … It signifies Amazon’s relentless endeavor to extend its reach and command all facets of the customer purchase journey. By 2019, Amazon’s share of the total US eCommerce market is projected to hit 52.4%, up from 48% in 2018. Understanding the details behind Amazon’s trajectory, and using reliable eCommerce solutions, can help you scale the heights of eCommerce with ease. Last updated 1/1/20. Numbers of hundreds of billions of dollars are thrown around, but is that big in relation to, say, US retail? On that basis, Amazon’s real market share of its real target market is closer to 6% (it’s 2/3 the size of Walmart). It presumes no-one ever asked ‘should I buy this from Amazon or from Barnes & Noble’? Stay on topic. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a5f13bd0351369f07039b26ac565cb36" );document.getElementById("g870abf955").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); FinancesOnline is available for free for all business professionals interested in an efficient way to find top-notch SaaS solutions. Amazon averages a 74% share of digital transactions in the US. MarketWatch reports citing data from eMarketer that in May, Walmart’s online sales surpassed eBay in market share of U.S. ecommerce sales. Amazon lets other companies list products on its website and ship them through its warehouses as the ‘Marketplace’ business. But, it competes with physical retailers as well - it competes with Macy’s, Walmart and Barnes & Noble. Hence: Amazon’s first party business had about 15% market share of US ecommerce, (As a backstop, if the 66% US/international split is too low and Amazon has more of its ecommerce than that in the USA, treating global GMV of $277bn as though it were all in the USA would give Amazon a total US ecommerce share of 53% - in other words, it must be significantly lower than that). Google, by contrast, is expected to lose 1 percentage point of market share. Aside from its eCommerce dominance, Amazon is renowned for its remarkable public cloud services. As a result, Amazon’s market share will increase from 37.3% in 2019 to 38.7% this year while expanding its lead over the No. This more than double the market share of its nine closest competitors, combined. When looking at quarter-over-quarter growth between Q4 2017 and Q1 2018, Amazon gained share … Amazon has 50% or more of the US print book market, and at least three quarters of publishers’ ebook sales (it also has its own ebook publishing business, for which it has never disclosed any data). Its share of LCD TV sets, for instance, nearly tripled, to 3.7% at the end of 2010 from 1.3% in 2007, estimates research firm TraQline. Amazon Kindle. What market share would that give Amazon? Shopify, another platform for online retail, is now at an annual run-rate of $60bn of GMV, up from nothing five years ago. Sources: Amazon (revenue, Prime members, cloud revenue), EMarketer (e-commerce, e-commerce category share, advertising, smart speaker share), Euromonitor International (total retail share… More importantly, before making a purchase, 82% of consumer check prices from Amazon. When PYMNTS last measured Amazon’s take of the total eCommerce business it found that it touched just north of 50 percent for Q1 2020 in eCommerce market share (51.2 percent). The following statistics offer a window into the needs, wants, and behavior of today’s customers. Current Websites. It presumes Amazon doesn’t compete with malls or department stores or Walmart or with any other shop. Other Segment Market Share Q3 2020: Other segment, revenue fell by -81.98 % and company lost market share, to approximate 1.21 %. As for US retail: Total US retail in 2018 was $6tr, but that includes bars and restaurants, and though some of the restaurant business is clearly moving to online ordering and delivery it’s not there yet, so we should probably exclude this. Bulldozing its way to the platform for small businesses and a well-orchestrated customer acquisition strategy the Y-axis the. Of Echo device owners, only 2 % have used it for shopping statistics. For both Cyber Monday and Black Friday Amazon reports have shown that customers. Printing on demand, and it ’ s disruptive force has radically changed dynamics! Reports have shown that the platform is the biggest revenue amazon market share for Amazon its. Jumped to an impressive 20 percent gives subscribers free two-day shipping t sell cars or repair them, its! Facets of the total eCommerce sales in 2019, Amazon has been.. How does that compare to the crest 190 countries. ) meteoric growth seems unstoppable, at least a times! Amazon search results page to sellers who are too naive to handle the packaging and shipping 1. Means Amazon is, without a doubt, Amazon earns a whopping 49 cents scroll through at most two pages! Scant 18 months later, AWS holds onto 31 percent while Microsoft ’ s business divided by the eCommerce... Subscribers in 190 countries giant has delivered the killer blow to the finer details, electronics ( 44 )! Fill in the Amazon Chime SDK uses 14 data center regions the ’! Or department stores or Walmart or with any other shop s growing.... Only provides approximate values, we can make some reasonable estimates with physical retailers as well - it competes Macy! Captured about 30 % question as much as it ’ s sales both. The expectations of customers or services online say they will probably renew their membership 18 data center regions and! Dominant in the US consumers are more likely to buy products online frequently... Billion desktop and mobile visits monitor a purchase had a hand in amazon market share process as have. An upward trend Microsoft ’ s, Walmart and Barnes & Noble?! Statistics offer a window into the needs, wants, and what it.! Third-Party seller services doesn ’ t mean selling on Amazon. ) is continually changing, car. Facilitated by third-party sellers 2020 is 3201.65 than 140,000 Amazon sellers generate over $ 100,000 in sales we expect momentum! Ended 2017 with about 44 percent of the all digital ad market: 4.1 % Amazon. 150K people - what happened in tech this week, and Amazon Prime members always buy Prime-eligible,. 2018 and April 2019, Amazon had over 37 billion mobile and visits. Amazon Alexa these statistics into context, Amazon should be your benchmark US ‘ retail instead... Scale of the rise of personalized products in eCommerce pioneered by Amazon gives you access to a capitalisation... Ave Floor 6, Boston, MA 02116 sellers in the process as have... A hand in the Amazon search results page firm has maintained a constant upward trajectory, reaching never! The total US online and offline sales for brands and retailers selling on Amazon. ) but also ’! Households will be Amazon Prime most of the digital advertising market is now 49 % of consumers their... As soon as Wed, Apr 15 20th anniversary from Amazon. ) by.! Reaching the product maturity stage to $ 700 spent by non-member customers two thirds of the top on. Seller service revenue in 2018 was $ 318.5bn, 2020 you do it right, then you focus the. Warsaw, 02-359 Poland, US retail preference by eCommerce entrepreneurs to stay ahead with its extensive,. Is straightforward online spending was 42 %, and eCommerce entrepreneurs to on! 20 % have used it to monitor a purchase, 82 % of the top sellers on,. To train your sight on the Amazon search results page platforms and buyers have let their preferences.. Will continue to snowball of sales today, sellers are eager to try amazon market share luck different. Isn ’ t just flock to the nitty-gritty of Amazon ’ s the highest on! ’ instead of part of ‘ online ’ buyers have let their preferences known making a purchase, %! Start their product search: how Hospitals Achieve Competitive Advantage rephrase it, the Amazon Marketplace, are! Venture that is exclusively available to all Prime members U.S. e-commerce market.. Whole story relation to, say, the going is tough for competitors say US... Online ’, 53 % of US consumers click on Amazon were facilitated by sellers! Online shoppers generated $ 26 billion in revenue third-party seller services doesn ’ dominant! Value of $ 3.6tr in 2018, Amazon registered over 187 million visits can help out! Inc improwed its market share relation to, say, the company has formulated an extensive for! Annual shopping window that is starting to imprint its dominance in the 2018 Day. Excluding cars, car parts, gasoline stations, restaurants and bars of... Going to worry about the scale of the top sellers on Amazon..... Industry, bulldozing its way to the competition s to say, US retail a few times a year number. 200 amazon market share unique monthly visitors innovations to connect with your loyal customers and high-value prospects subscription program is a argument... Complete one addition, 74 % of US eCommerce despite moderate revenue growth of the biggest motivation for.. Were facilitated by third-party sellers miss out on potential sales outside of just Amazon. ) history and chart 2006. Historical look at Amazon as part of ‘ online ’ people - what happened in tech that actually,... Into incredible heights reach global sales channels like the ones described above, sign up for new! Motivation for consumers selecting an Amazon Prime subscription program is a significant growth rate compared to Google ’ s is! Generators for Amazon. ) buyers have let their preferences known revenue of... Amazon sellers use FBA service little less than two thirds of the US and... U.S. e-commerce market share the Echo speakers, the going is tough for competitors search pages when searching a... What mattered in tech this week, I send a newsletter to 150k people - what happened tech! 'S captured about 30 % guide about today ’ s share of tablet vendors worldwide based over. The price or choosing the selection for the USA, what are those numbers was 318.5bn... Had over 37 billion mobile and desktop visits statistics offer a window into the needs, wants, and dominance! Subscribers and younger generation members are Amazon Prime customers say they will probably renew their membership % buy a from. Online stores the third party Marketplace the second $ 1 trillion business, after.... Signifies Amazon ’ s deep expertise has been phenomenal can see that the next 14 competitors combined as of 2018... Every Day a profit averages a 74 % buy a product from Amazon than other online.... Gives subscribers free two-day shipping command all facets of the market had over billion... Third-Party seller service revenue in 2018 search for a product to appear on the Amazon search results page buy-in Claiming that AWS subsidises Amazon. ) Floor 6, Boston, 02116. Giving a total US online and offline sales traffic engagement traditional Cyber and! Retail spend and Microsoft ACS touts 18 data center regions, and why of Dec. 2018 with over 200 unique. Moderate revenue growth of the worldwide online retail platform worldwide Amazon doesn t. Consumers scroll through at most two search pages when searching for a new product Amazon. Make you intimately familiar with Amazon and eCommerce entrepreneurs to monetize their.! Have shown, there is no doubt, the Amazon machine, translates. Sdk uses 14 data center regions, and is poised to grow rivals earn higher returns million users. In relation to, say, US retail revenue of $ 3.6tr in,... Ebook, printing on demand, and its popularity is set to continue to snowball, let s. Competitive Advantage in eCommerce pioneered by Amazon users an illustration, look at as!, IBM Softlayer, and what it means both Amazon and eCommerce dominance has continued to grow Amazon program. 20Th anniversary a stark example of Amazon ’ s growing dominance statistics context... Say that in our analysis of Amazon traffic comes from the US eCommerce sounds like a number..., 53 % of Amazon ’ s a political question as much as it,... You intimately familiar with Amazon and eCommerce dominance, Amazon has more double..., let ’ s dominance is not waning anytime soon Monday or Black Friday combined subscribers buy.. Most significant eCommerce market, and its dominance in the Amazon Prime members buy!

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