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Megan Brennan is retiring after a 33-year career that she launched as a mail carrier in Pennsylvania, and capped with five years as CEO of the United States Postal Service. We are keeping the post office going because we feel duty-bound, meanwhile the ones at top get bonuses. We’ve also analyzed the data for the top 300 salaries in HQ, the 28 Vice Presidents (not all are in HQ), the 49 District Managers, and 57 plant managers. Last week, revelations about the postal salaries of executives, coupled with news about impending plant closings, prompted New York Congresswoman Kathy Hochul to introduce legislation limiting compensation for postal executives to the same level of pay as the President’s Cabinet. (Some of that wealth goes to fund think tanks that publish books and articles advocating postal privatization.). Macy's won't have St. Nick greeting kids in its flagship NYC store, breaking tradition for the first time in 160 years, Why aren't US COVID-19 mortality rates catching up with surging cases yet? Maybe so, but there are a lot of people wondering how postal officers and managers can pay themselves so well and at the same time say that the financial crisis is so bad that they need to eliminate 155,000 jobs and close half of those “32,000 locations” (a.k.a. Up to 2,500 local branches could close or downsize in the next 12 months, the National Federation of Sub-Postmasters warned. Here’s What Could Change. June 1, 2020 November 18, 2019. He said investment meant outlets could now be run with one person. Needless to say, postal management would probably prefer if the public did not know very much about their compensation packages, and they’ve fought the APWU’s effort to find out more about performance bonuses. It’s something to wonder about. AUSTRALIA Post’s chief executive was paid a total of $5.6 million in 2016, 10 times the salary of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, it has been revealed. The married mother-of-two, who is also an ordained Church of England priest, was awarded two hefty bonuses totalling £390,000 on top of her £255,000 base salary. For the rest of us — the other 99.9% — that sounds like a pretty nice salary, but from the point of view of the billionaire Koch brothers, two of the richest people in the world, it’s probably not very impressive. Struggling sub-postmasters and MPs last night attacked the bumper pay packet awarded to the Post Office chief executive who quit amid a growing branch closure crisis. Even in these challenging economic times, comparably sized companies typically provide their top executives with annual salaries well in excess of $1 million and total compensation and benefits valued at several million dollars.”, If postal executives had their way, then, the salaries and benefits of regular postal workers would be decreased while their own compensation packages would be increased — all to bring postal salaries into compliance with Title 39 and the “private sector comparability standard.”. The businesswoman was educated at Manchester High School for Girls, a private school where fees are now £35,600 per year and now lives near Bedford with her husband John in a sprawling Grade II-listed countryside pile. But as the salary finder FAQ page explains, government workers aren’t entitled to the same kind of privacy as workers in the private sector: “Open record laws and court decisions for at least the last 40 years have maintained that a government employee’s name, salary and job-related information is open to anyone who requests it. He said more than 400 post offices had closed in the last six months, although some of those are likely to reopen after being refurbished or moved. Skip to: Main Content “post offices”). Nick Read - Chief Executive Joined the Board September 2019 Nick joined Post Office as Chief Executive Officer in September 2019. Their sons were educated at independent boarding school Bedford School, where fees are £31,000 per year and she is now a governor. The comments below have not been moderated. The payments made to the CEO are a combination of base salary, pension payments and incentive payments which relate to performance over the past three years, and are subject to independent oversight.'. Courts and government rules have long held that federal employees are public servants, and that the public has a ‘significant interest’ in knowing how their employees are paid.”. By contrast, most of the sub-postmasters who run local post offices take home less than the minimum wage per hour for it. You can find the salary, job title, workplace, and year of hire for any postal employee. Coronavirus caused two-thirds of this year's 300,000 'excess deaths' - but fatality rates are now FAR lower than in the spring due to the young getting infected, Canadian-American magician 'Amazing' James Randi, who once escaped a locked coffin and a straitjacket while dangling over Niagara Falls before becoming America's skeptic-in-chief, dies at 92, Cybersecurity firm finds hacker selling personal information of 245 MILLION Americans - including the voter registration data of 186 million people, Penn State men's basketball coach Pat Chambers resigns after being investigated for offering to 'loosen the noose' around a black player's neck and mysterious new accusations. They’re worth $25 billion each, and between March 2010 and September 2011, they accumulated $15 billion in wealth. All rights reserved. If you’d like to put some faces on some of the top earners, the USPS website provides an organizational chart — complete with photos — of Postal Leadership, the 37 folks running the show. 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Salaries posted anonymously by An Post employees. Salaries posted anonymously by Post Office employees. But that is being phased out alongside a severe cut in subsidy from £210m in 2012 to £70m in the year to March. It is just so wrong.’ Many sub-postmasters were furious when Mrs Vennells was handed a CBE in this year’s New Years Honours list. Jo Hamilton, who used to run South Warnborough post office in Hampshire, said it was ‘sickening’ and met with ‘utter incredulity’ by colleagues. Farm Heroes Saga, the #4 Game on iTunes. The Gannett 2012 salary finder for USPS employees came out this week, and it contains a wealth of information. (See this article in Mother Jones for more data on income inequality. The median is 28 years, and the average is 24 years. About 3,000 offices in locations where they have community importance as the “last shop in the village” receive a set payment subsidised by the government, which is due to end by 2021. Smith earns $8 to $10 million a year — about $4,500 an hour (if he’s putting in a 40-hour week) — which puts him in the top 0.1% of the nation. “The Postal Service cannot make the argument that they need to cuts costs and let go hard-working postal workers when their own management team continues to rake in bonuses and make more than the President’s Cabinet,” said Hochul. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. 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