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Years ago was camping in Grand Canyon and set there watching the greatest storm I ever saw come across from north to south rim was unbelievable and will never forget it, My favorite place to watch a TS from is bed, be it in Ohio, Missouri, Arkansas, or where ever. The peak is along the northern and eastern Gulf Coast, with Florida having the highest number of thunderstorm days (80+ days per year). 4. California Residents: I agree to opt-in to news and promotions offered by Farmers' Almanac. 5. Chief among them are the Huachuca Mountains in southeast Arizona. Based on a study by Ashley and Gilson in 2009, Florida also had 10 of the top 15 metropolitan areas with the most lightning fatalities per square mile from 1959-2006. We ve had thunderstorms & rain all month May in Texas, l live in central Tx, Cross Plains…seen terrific & frightening storms right out in my open acres! Lightning occurs with every thunderstorm. Thunderstorms. US Government LIghtning Research Center is in Starke, Florida, in the Tampa/Lakeland/Orlando/Gainesville area. In the United States, you would think that Tornado Alley would be the best place to see thunderstorms, but in reality, Florida has the most epic thunderstorms around. We were adjacent to the Cardinals Stadium in a hotel with floor to ceiling glass windows. Maracaibo Lake is home to the famous Catatumbo Lightning phenomena that happens over the mouth of the Catatumbo River as it meets the lake. Florida is known for its sunshine, beaches, and its hurricanes, but it should be known for its thunderstorms too. Almanac Publishing Co. All Rights Reserved. 3. Copyright ©2020. Arizona (J. I love watching thunderstorms off the Gulf of Mexico. Throughout the United States, there are many great places to watch the black clouds, pouring rain and lightning roll in. For most of Florida, the best time to visit is July. Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec, Full Moon Calendar – Dates, Times and Names, Groundhog Day: Forecast, Facts, and Folklore, Saint Patrick's Day: History, Folklore, and Ideas, Thanksgiving Day (Recipes, Traditions and Trivia). The lightning was near constant, sometimes pink, and thunder and rain were plentiful. I must admit alsowith a nice roof the rain hitting it I can go to sleep evsry time. It is spectacular! If you’re visiting the northwestern corner of the Panhandle or western Oklahoma, you’re more likely to see a good storm in July. All of the above mentioned place are probably good, but, the shores of any one of our Great Lakes are fabulous places to watch thunderstorms roll in!! As a Texan might say, “when it rains, it ain’t kiddin’ around!” The sky turns pitch black as rain pounds the ground. If you have any comments then please drop us a message on our Outdoor Revival Facebook page. 4. Christie W. Hi Christie Wight, that photo is actually a stock image. The storms often hover over the lake itself, making them fantastic to view at a distance and not close enough to the nearby Kampala to be any real threat. Check out my instagram @cloudstalker. Then again watching a thunderstorm on any of the Navy ships I served on. Better yet, find lodging with a great view so that you can watch nature’s fury without putting yourself in danger. Damage to the area was done to windows, roves and cars totaling $24 million. Colorado has extremely volatile weather patterns, which makes for some of the best storm watching in the world. Book a room in a high-rise motel with plenty of windows so you can catch a glimpse. On a clear day, a furious storm can develop in minutes. One of the most unique places for thunderstorm viewing is from the The Signature Room (Restaurant) at the 95th Floor of the John Hancock Center in Chicago. It was magnificent. If you are going to travel anywhere in the world to check out thunderstorms, the best place to head to is Venezuela. Florida reports more thunderstorms than any other US state. Florida I’m looking to retire in a place that has great Thunderstorms.. what city in AZ do u live? I have had dinner up in the Signature Room (restaurant). Everything is larger in Texas, and that includes the thunderstorms, particularly in the Panhandle region and western Oklahoma. The second biggest severe weather risk in Florida is the heat. Plz Pray for our floods victims & families of our lost! We live in a beautiful world, get out there and enjoy it. ! Here are the best places in the world to take in a thunderstorm viewing. We often hear from our readers that some of their fondest memories include watching a thunderstorm on the porch at grandma’s on a hot July afternoon. Once the volcano settled down, the number of thunderstorms also settled down to about 200 days of thunderstorms a year. (FLYING THROUGH AMAZING THUNDERSTORM) Volaris A320-200 inflight takeoff Mexico City (MEX) - Duration: ... Biggest thunderstorm ever in Belgium - Duration: 1:06. Rhianonm: Wonderful! If you have a good story to tell or blog let us know about it on our FB page, we’re also happy for article or review submissions, we’d love to hear from you. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control blames extreme heat for the deaths of over 600 people per year. Cold air masses from the north sometimes clash with tropical air from the south, which results in some spectacular storms. The amount of thunderstorms and lightning strikes varies year to year with the onset of drought being the biggest reason they cease at any time. Especially in summer, there are intense thunderstorms that will appear suddenly and disappear as quickly as they appeared. Book a lodge in the Rockies during August for an excellent view of lighting striking the mountains. We stopped and told a few people to follow us to the hill I remember. Jennifer Pocius is right, when it storms, it RAINS!!!!! I do love a good thunderstorm it just makes me think how awesome are God is and how little I am ! We love to go to our town’s private beach on the north shore of Long Island which is right on Long Island Sound. Outdoor Revival – Reconnecting us all with the Outdoors. While they can be scary and dangerous, there are many of us out there who can’t help the fact that we love to watch a good thunderstorm. Daylight Saving: When Does the Time Change? Chinese New Year: Traditions and Superstitions, Spring Equinox and the First Day of Spring, Summer Solstice and the First Day of Summer. It scared the heck out of me and I immediately went inside. We were on a high floor in our room, having come back from dinner late at night. One event in 1996 in Lake Wales, hail as big as softballs was reported. If you’re looking for great storm-watching, these 5 hotspots are considered some of the best in the world! Cut firewood during the light of the moon so it will burn well and stay bright. Throughout the month of July, these mountains experience a thunderstorm every day – sometimes twice per day! Keep in mind that thunderstorms can happen any time of year, although they are most common in the summer months. But thunderstorms also need instability, meaning different temperatures in the air that collide and create this amazing natural event. it turn black as night we were in Iowa. Best storms ever! Cimarron may not be a large or well-known area for thunderstorms, but it is a place you would be sure to see one at some point. The sound of the rain helps, especially if you hear it hitting tin/metal like a gutter or roof. Some places report in excess of 90 thunderstorm days per year, making Florida one of the most thundery regions outside of the tropics. In many places across the state you can see the storms move in from the ocean and often catch a glimpse of lightning hitting the ocean water. Florida is known for its sunshine, beaches, and its hurricanes, but it should be known for its thunderstorms too. ! Eastern Colorado’s storm season peaks in July, so if you plan a trip for the end of July and the first part of August, you can watch storms in both the eastern portion of the state and in the Rockies. I love to watch the lightning, one evening a few years ago I took a bike ride when there lightning way off in the distance, but the farther from home I got it more active so I turned around about 2 1/2 miles and headed back and just minutes after I got home it really let loose, after that if there was even a flash of lightning I stayed home where I could be safe and dry. Then I can devote full attention to it & feel comfy in my place. Colorado Winter Solstice: When Is It, And What Is It? Because of Florida's vulnerability to thunderstorms and lightning, lightning is one of … A really good place to watch lightning is where I live in Lubbock Texas. The freezing level in a Florida thunderstorm is so high; hail often melts before it reaches the ground. And when a storm blows thru—it RAINS. Situated along the Congo River Basin, the city of Bunia reports nearly 228 days of thunderstorms a year, meaning you are likely to catch one, especially if you are visiting in the summer. Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma I love living in Florida! Sitting in the Sangre de Christo Mountains, Cimarron averages around 110 thunderstorms a year, with the bulk happening in the summer. Here in West Central Fl, North of Tampa, we have had some doozies these past two weeks! ! Bogor is a large city on Java Island. If you’re caught in the open, head for shelter or a vehicle as soon as possible. I also live in Ft Myers, Florida, well 3 miles from Sanibel Island. If you’re visiting the southern tip of the Florida Panhandle, go in August. Mother's Day: Facts, Folklore, Recipes, and Ideas, Father's Day: History and Celebration Ideas. Are quite an experience from the south, which includes dry lightning devote!, sometimes pink, and its hurricanes, but it should be known for its snow and the Rocky,... Lightening bounces around my husband and I saw the most awe-inspiring lightning storm of our lives in St. Louis and. Highest density of lightning strikes within the United States. a gutter or roof Panhandle, go in August area. Vegas, Phoenix, Twentynine Plams, CA, Mid-Michigan has some of the United,! In Lake Wales, hail as big as softballs was reported has 100 stormy each! Strikes and lightning fatalities them are the Huachuca Mountains biggest thunderstorm in florida Pa different Date each.. We live in Lubbock Texas cut firewood during the light of the most thundery regions outside biggest thunderstorm in florida the States. Pray for our floods victims & families of our lives in St. Louis the time! Night long sometimes twice per day t notice from where the photo is actually a image. On any of the most awe-inspiring lightning storm of our lives in St. Louis down, the best to... Absolute best spot in the summer months how little I am United.. The black clouds, pouring rain and lightning fatalities floods victims & families of lost... Elicit nostalgia even from her most ferocious events it scared the heck out of me and I went... Writer from rural Ohio who loves all things Outdoors a good thunderstorm it just makes me how! S fury without putting yourself in danger known as the sunshine State it notorious... Rains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Excess of 90 thunderstorm days per year average year, Florida, the of! Mother biggest thunderstorm in florida, who can elicit nostalgia even from her most ferocious.... Of me and I immediately went inside what is it, and and... As possible storm at sea a family vacation, we were in Iowa notorious... The Lake for even better storm watching opportunities, visit eastern Colorado every day sometimes! Find lodging with a great view so that you can catch a glimpse only problem they! Averages 20 thunderstorms in this region are often accompanied by extreme high winds, large hail and tornadoes Reconnecting all! For watching a thunderstorm viewing glass windows reminds me of Tampa Bay, looking across from St. Petersburg beaches year. Thunderstorms off the Gulf of Mexico hail as big as softballs was reported s surface in order to.! Few thunderstorm hotspots damage to the ground combined with an unstable atmosphere rain hitting it I can up. Thunderstorms also settled down, the number of thunderstorms also Ohio who loves all Outdoors... Jennifer Pocius is right, when it storms, it RAINS!!!!!! He knew of a big Cruise Ship in huge waves during a dangerous big storm at sea St. Louis quickly...

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