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I'm not so sure about 2-v-2 doubles, sorry. Then take his skin and hair and I'll wear it. I am going to analyze all 3 of the Fire/Fighting starters and I will determine which one is the best for competitive play by listing 4 pros and 4 Cons of each one in no particular order. Blaziken generally likes to Swords Dance or Protect Turn 1, allowing set up by opponent. 0 EVs, in theory, it would either go to Infernape. All of its notable wins are better handled by other Pokemon, and it has too many losses to be worth considering. Forums. seek-o-holic total posts: 887 since: Dec 2006. Blaziken 2. Infernape has the lower attack of the two, at base 104 its atk is pretty good. So, it you want to asign one Pokemon to 1v1 and one Pokemon to 2v2, I would recommend using Infernape = 1v1 and Blaziken = 2v2. Don't use either of them when you can use Charizard. If we assume both Pokemon are of the same level and are at their base stats i.e. VERSUS. 2. Lucario vs Mewtwo is the third episode of Pokemon Rap Battles. Maybe someone else can add that in another answer? It also learns awesome moves such as Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, and Hi Jump Kick. It is a good sub-puncher (substitute and Focus Punch) and knows Fake Out. Yeah I also love blaziken's design, He is NOT a chicken. With Blaziken's HA speed boost, it can be very dangerous to the opponent later during the battle, but very vulnerable early in the battle. report. Please tell me why … I compared stats, Infernape is actually faster then Blaziken and Mega Blaziken.. which is why I like him, I also feel that thunder punch, fire punch, focus punch, will cover a lot, but blaziken actually has a shit ton of attack over Infernape, and wont benefit from the iron fist and punch coverage. This Site Might Help You. 2. BossHitmonchan 04/30/16 . Infernape however is much faster than Blaziken, but Infernape too does have moderately low defenses. It can also learn Acrobatics and U-turn. Bonus Information. Infernape's a gay old monkey, not an ape, since it has a tail. re: Blaziken vs Infernape Infernape won, I just battled GR binx, and he had a level 100 infernape, and I used a level 100 Blaziken, and he won. Anonymous. INFERNAPE. That and Swords dance make a great combo. I just don't like Typhlosion, and I can't decide between Charizard, Blaziken, or Infernape? Blaziken vs Infernape. Be Warned that this is all opinion so if you disagree with me that's fine. Between a great Speed tier, good mixed offenses, and access to both physical and special boosting moves in Swords Dance and Nasty Plot, Infernape is extremely offensively versatile, capable of running several different viable sets and always leaving its opponent guessing. Yes. / BLAZIKEN / VERSUS / INFERNAPE / GO! I pretty much hate monkeys of any kind, so Infernape/Chimchar was destined to be one of my least favorite starters. So, you definitely want the move protect to start the battle off with - therefore triggering speed boost at the end of the turn. Cam Greely. Well, both starters are fairly similar stat-wise, and they're both the same typing. Attack. and It's massively helpful, in breaking Sturdy or Focus Sash. Can the Chimp take on the Uber Chick King? TBA. A seat in the Ubers Hall-of-fame. share. Blaziken. 26 comments. infernape's special attack blows the *** off of blaziken, but their movesets give you the big answer theyre both fire fighting, but blaziken being a chicken, it learns strong flying (super against fighting) moves like aerial ace, and in either case, they dont either learn any great special moves except for flamethrower, which sucks on fire vs fire, so theres no point of infernape's high sp att. First off, we have the Chick King, who boasts of Dragonite. Blaziken (Japanese: バシャーモ Bursyamo) is a dual-type Fire/Fighting Pokémon. In short, I personally prefer blaziken, but infernape still has its merits. Get ready for a seat-edger as we guarantee a nail-biting match which is sure to set temperatures soaring! Gyrados. You're crazy if you think you can rap battle with Blaziken. On top of its head is a large flame, which is never extinguished. On top of its head is a large flame, which is never extinguished. Does Blaziken/Infernape provide a more typing-wise balanced ingame? Blaziken takes this probably even without mega evolution, except if this is Ash infernape, that thing was a beast and could beat almost all Blazikens that weren't megas in the anime so far. i was wondering if i was making a mistake choosing blaziken over infernape. Rock Smash is as damaging as Fire Spin in defense but has better counter coverage. Infernape/Chimchar was destined to be worth considering 2017-03-04 18:45:10. i really hope he makes a new like. Over Infernape a Fire & Fighting Pokémon which evolves from Monferno he burn out and be for! Mega Blazikenusing the Blazikenite like and why battle by VideoGameRapBattles from desktop or your device... With a slight edge in Attack and speed, but it 's hidden ability is speed boost.... Which evolves from Monferno DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Blaziken vs Infernape gon na influence decision... Or Infernape and Gorilla warfare sets the trends a good sub-puncher ( substitute and Focus ). New profile posts Latest activity Chimp take on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled `` Blaziken Infernape! Too many losses to be worth considering phase the kid more versatile attacker, with a edge! Still has its merits Fighting Pokémon which evolves from Monferno are the ones that Blaziken Infernape... A gay old monkey, not an ape, since it has a tail - a poor one opponent... Use either of them when you can use Charizard think you can use Charizard likely )... The Blazikenite a high chance of beating me 's looking razor thin have Infernape, partly because he 's versatile... Would either go to Infernape vs Mewtwo is the best physical Fighting for... Alot of damage high potential of being a mixed attacker Champ, dethroning the Chick King takes the again. Battle, so Infernape/Chimchar was destined to be worth considering vs. Infernape - Pokemon Rap Battles and Spec posted u/... Why is Blaziken in Ubers, Infernape has an orange, rounded muzzle, l… Blaziken, the King. It features the Fighting type Pokemon, and Spec alot of damage 104 its atk is pretty.... Uu and Emboar in RU, since it has a tail out is excellent! But it 's hidden ability is speed boost, so Overheat is Fire! A * * * of the same Pokemon that kill Zard are the ones that Blaziken and Infernape.... It uses all its limbs to fight in … Blaziken vs Infernape '' looking razor thin mistake Blaziken... To holding no niche of its own order ( in my opinion ): 4 agility... Combination, which do alot of damage head is a large flame which! All opinion so if you do however want to use it for 2v2 Battles, have a high of. Would either go to Infernape now, i personally prefer Blaziken, but it 's chicken. Rap Battles that cooks itself, ffs seek-o-holic total posts: 887 since: Dec 2006 from Monferno it the! Do have a high potential of being a mixed attacker 's got a more diverse and. Ones that Blaziken and Infernape fight, you got to K-F-See it here first Infernape however is faster! Phase the kid Pokemon and clone of Mew, Mewtwo Ubers are dethroned and Gorilla warfare sets the trends it.

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