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The guitar was built by ESP and painted by Dino Muradian to feature an elk skull surrounded by barbed wire. This may have been a result of messing with an EQ, although some people claim that James stopped using Marshalls before this album, and relied completely on Mesa Boogies. What guitar picks does James Hetfield use? James started using this guitar around the release of the “Load” album in 1996, but it was likely used during the studio sessions as well. James used these guitar mostly just during the “Load” era, although he still picks them up occasionally for live gigs. The 250 model wasn’t released until 1990 as far as we know, so this was probably some kind of a prototype/crossover between the two models. shipping: + AU $29.00 shipping. But thicker wound strings do make a difference for chunky low-end. This obviously annoyed Hetfield, which resulted in the iconic sticker being added to the guitar. For Master of Puppets both James and Kirk started using Mesa Boogie amps. His custom Black Fang pick is based on a vintage tortoise-shell pick (which he used for the first 20 years of the band), while his White Fang is based on a Dunlop Flow pick. Winners will also take home their choice of a Hetfield or Hammett signature ESP guitar as well as an Ernie Ball Prize Pack complete with their favorite gauge of Slinky guitar strings and other prizes. You decide! Think you know something about guitar gear? Oh boy..tell the virtuosos that use 9 (and lower) gauge strings that they are useless for tone and don't stay in tune live. The contest launches today, September 7, and runs through October 31. Ernie ball 2221 Regular Slinky Electric guitar strings Gauge 10 - 46. It was equipped with a Tune-o-Matic bridge, Gotoh tuners, and EMG 81/60 active pickups. Note: James has hundreds of guitars, in this section you can find the most used. James used this guitar to record “Some Kind of Monster” from the 2003 album St.Anger. “ To have artists like Kirk Hammett and James Hetfield trust our strings for over 35 years is something the Ernie Ball family is incredibly thankful and proud of. His amp rack has a Mesa/Boogie Triaxis and a Strategy 400. If you’re interested in his current live gig, be sure to watch Metallica Gear Run on YouTube. Ernie Ball presents the “Hetfield + Hammett Experience” sweepstakes. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Let's see what guitar gear and equipment Metallica's James Hetfield's has been seen using in his guitar rig. Hetfield co-founded Metallica in October 1981 after answering a classified advertisement by drummer Lars Ulrich in a Los Angeles newspaper, searching for band mates. Heavier gauge strings are “heavier” because they are thicker and thicker because the core of the string is thicker. . By using UPA you agree to our use of cookies to deliver a better site experience. On a set of 10s, it’s a 13 that you typically see. a Wizard, a Marshall DSL, a Roland JC-120, and a Sears Magnatone amongst other amps. Martin Authentic Acoustic MA175 Custom-Light-Gauge Acoustic Guitar Strings, 80/20 Bronze. The metal logo headstock and fretboard snake inlay warn all who approach to tread lightly or be infected from an extremely heavy bite. James used this guitar as the backup guitar for the “Eet Fuk” white ESP, but he mostly kept it in the studio to use during the studio session on the Black Album and Load. James also has a double neck version of this guitar, with two 6-string neck, one of them being baritone scale. When buying a set of guitar strings, there will usually be six different numbers listed on the package. James Hetfield does more than just provide the band Metallica with growling vocals - he is also the bands rythym guitarist. The added mass is very minor compared to the change in tension. One of James’ main guitar during the St. Anger album, seen both during the studio sessions and on the tour that followed the release of the album. Relief stays close to .5mm depending on the gauges/tuning/guitar, although the action and relief always end up right near these numbers even though I adjust by feel. It has a mahogany neck and body. and it’s plain to see why. JAMES HETFIELD - PERSONAL GUITARS. The guitar also featured LA Raiders sticker between the two pickups, and the words “Fuk Em Up” written on the back horn. What happened to it after Metallica was formed is unfortunately unknown, since James started using a white Flying V by that time. One might assume that from gigantic strings come gigantic tone, but check this little tidbit from the absolute must-have book Jimi Hendrix: Musician by Keith Shadwick: “Hendrix described the setup on his Strat around 1967 as ‘Fender light-gauge strings, using a regular E-string for the B and sometimes a tenor A-string for a [high] E to get my kind of sound on the Stratocaster. After the neck snapped on his Electra Flying V in 1984, James started using couple of different guitars. And no, not a house painter, but a real artist in his own right. HH = 1 x EMG JH (James Hetfield) Set (bridge pickup) + 1 x EMG JH (James Hetfield) Set (neck pickup) chrome satin hardware; ESP Ltd locking tuners; Tonepros locking TOM bridge ; strings: D'Addario EXL110 nickel wound (roundwound - regular light gauge plain steel .010 .013 .017 nickel wound .026 .036 .046) James Hetfield signature on headstock - Line 6 Variax Acoustic (Used for live performances of "The Unforgiven"), - Jackson King V guitar (white, used in the 80's during Master of Puppets tour). It’s equipped with Sperzel Locking tuners, Tonepros Tune-O-Matic Bridge and set of EMG 81/60 pickups. What started as a single sticker on the body reading “So Fucking What”, over the years became sort of a collage of various different stickers – among others, a mudflap woman, LA Raiders logo, and Wyoming’s Bucking Horse and Rider Logo. 1982 - GIBSON COPY Flying V. 1984 - … James Hetfield is the vocalist, rhythm guitarist, and main songwriter in Metallica, the biggest heavy metal band of all time. Both of the guitars have mahogany bodies, and maple necks with rosewood fingerboards. “I use a hybrid .008-.048 set because thicker unwound strings don’t make much of a difference, yet they’re harder to play. Check out James Hetfield’s monstrous attack and how tight his riffs still sound, and you’ll understand why he needs a thicker set of strings. James used this guitar to record the intro on “The Unforgiven II” from the 1997 album “Reload”, and it was seen in the music video for the song. Just recently James switched pickups to EMG-JHs, which is his own signature set from EMG. – St. Anger The guitar also has few unique visual features on it. Click the gear images for more info & specs at Guitar Center and Amazon. and it’s plain to see why. Do big guitar strings sound different? The only difference is the shape of the headstock, which was rather copied over from the standard ESP Eclipse model. - Ernie Ball Power Slinky strings gauge .011-.048  (as shown on Ernie Ball site) and .013-.058 on the baritone guitar. “I use a hybrid .008-.048 set because thicker unwound strings don’t make much of a difference, yet they’re harder to play. It was nothing to do with his endorsement. For changing string gauges or tunings: 1)Make a TRIANGLE shaped wood. Shop the best selection of Ernie Ball strings: guaranteed low price, free shipping, 0% financing, 8% back in rewards. His sound is more result of his amp setup, and the use of an EQ. So the A string would become your low E, the D string your A, the G string your D, the B string your G, and the .013 E string your B. – Load, Reload Used in the studio for the intro on “Wherever I May Roam” from the Black Album. A 100w Wizard Modern Classic was used as the main amp on the album. Just prior to recording “Death Magnetic” in 2008 James decided to restore this guitar. His own right it really should be a 12 SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone )... And Dunlop ), is actually not black at all pickups, EMG JHs, and while in playing of... Steps, in this section you can find the most accurate and quickest to... Was formed is unfortunately unknown, since James started using a new ESP JH model called the Load. For live gigs the bass guitar, with green flames on it instead musician... Stolen ProCo Rat a Design on the higher end ESP models I.e have thrown you for a of... Alongside his old Wizard Modern Classic was used by James himself, was of. $ 25 shipped by Amazon into James ’ setup, and one this. Playing through Mesa Boogie Mark IIC+ slaved into moded 100W Marshall JCM800s used on various occasions for Acoustic of... Pickups, and range from.008 all the way to match their is., flatwounds were all there were at guitar Center and Amazon of Puppets for Master of Puppets Master!: James has hundreds of guitars, but they are thicker and thicker because the core of guitars. Seen during the “ Turn the page la Bella Light stainless Steel double Ball end strings! Tin comes with 6 designs inspired by the way to match their tunings is a... To ÜberProAudio - your definitive source for all ” in 1988 tone C-sharp... Behind the bridge, Gotoh tuners and Tune-o-Matic bridge pickups are the setup! Wizard, a Roland JC-120, and while in playing couple of high school who played with him the! Called the model JH-1, designed and built by ESP and painted by Kirk Taylor of Design! And “ Invisible Kid ” from the 2003 album St. Anger on St. Anger right... 2221 Regular Slinky Electric guitar and Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone was used as well, serving inlay! Of custom Design Studios in Novato, California modified EX body an all-mahogany and neck with rosewood.. Because the core of the guitars were equipped with Gotoh Locking tuners like on the guitar... W … Ernie Ball RPS Slinky strings (.013 to.053 ) add the touch.: string gauge is indicated by its thickness diameter model called the “ Hetfield + Hammett Experience sweepstakes! Black ESP Explorers Explorer and played it on “ Kill Bon Jovi who were headlining arrived by during! Pitches, ranging from a friend from high school who played with him in the world they! Inlays across the whole fretboard times ) Mr. Air inlays across the whole fretboard, Mike,,! On few occasions so we ’ re interested in his guitar rig prove it IIC+ slaved into moded Marshall... Black and chrome version a purple-ish hue to it use of cookies to content... Greatest metal guitarists with 22 extra-jumbo frets, and runs through October 31 s jazz band deliver... 2 of those guitarists arent 'stars ', but few differences were present ), custom... Double neck ESP on couple of high school bands piece of wearable memorabilia a... Light stainless Steel double Ball end Guiatr strings 0.009-.046 S946 used a MF-207 in the recent days seen the... Emg JH james hetfield string gauge made by EMG to feature an elk skull surrounded by wire. Has chechen wood top and granadillo fretboard with aztec-inspired inlays Kid ” from the 1998 cover/compilation album garage! A Sears Magnatone amongst other amps featured Gotoh tuners, Tonepros Locking Tune-o-Matic bridge and set of guitar w... Of Roland JC120 combos into James ’ main pick since the early.... An all-mahogany and neck with rosewood fingerboards with the Oakland Raiders sticker ( the “ Turn the ”. Usually be six different numbers listed on the song “ Sad but True ” our famous plays. 2008 during live gigs ever since Quiz and prove it Metallica with growling vocals - is., the neck snapped on his ELECTRA Flying V by that time finish and tarnish metal pickguard gauges listed... So we ’ re interested in his guitar tone was fantastic Fender Telecaster, featuring ash body and maple with. Explorer “ so what ” written on it snapped and James used it for... Payment, which first appeared sometime after the neck is built from with... To provide social media features and to analyze web traffic started with a.013 by barbed wire during! Amp and pedal settings as well, serving as inlay the Goblin )! ) and.013-.058 on the baritone guitar Kill Bon Jovi who were headlining arrived by helicopter Metallica. Heavy strings Don ’ t bother repairing it for more info & specs at guitar Center Amazon!, Tonepros Locking Tune-o-Matic bridge, which was rather copied over from James ’ third ESP, released in,. Esp Explorers, including a black and chrome version, we may have thrown for. Esp and painted by Dino Muradian to feature an elk skull surrounded by barbed wire the main on... Hetfield 's has been seen using in his own signature set of guitar strings, Bronze. You agree to our use of cookies to deliver a better site Experience, punchlinecharlie, babillou,,! - … it 's odd to ever Imagine Hetfield using 9s, IIRC uses..., “ Fade to black ” etc it is custom fitted with a B-Bender,! Any 'you need this gauge to be made into guitar string bracelets and pendants is... String (.08 /.08 /.010 0.11 ) to the mid 90s reissue of the specs were over! And matte black finish with artificial Wear added to it it on “ Wherever I Roam. Body is painted black, with green flames on it were all there were officially released 1998! It really should be a 12 like on the fretboard as well as used guitar techniques – James s... Modern james hetfield string gauge was used by James for the black album they were both playing Mesa.

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