The BioMed Development Group is a Minority and Women owned Real Estate Development Company focused on office, laboratory, incubation and collaboration space for firms in the BioMed/ BioTech/ BioSports Industries throughout California and the United States. The BioMed Development Group is founded & managed by Dr. Philip Hart of Hart Realty Advisors and Bruce Thomas of the Thomas Advisory Group.
Life science real estate is a burgeoning specialty industry that focuses on the growing demand for innovation and research space for medical, technology and educational institutions. The BioMed/BioTech/Bio Sport are industries that are at the forefront of life science real estate. Life science hubs are truly a local and global partnership between municipalities, universities and medical centers that naturally evolves as new firms are inventing new ways of combating disease and improving life through research and development.
As a direct result of the inner-city Boston BioTech Incubator that Dr. Philip Hart Developed BiDilwas created. In the African-American Heart Failure Trial (A-HeFT), a double-blind study of 1050 African American patients who had class III or class IV heart failure, BiDilwas found to reduce the rate of death by 43% and risk of hospitalization by 39% vs placebo when added to standard heart failure therapy. Shaquille O’Neil has signed on to help bring awareness to the issue and created the Shaq BiDilaccess program to make it available to everyone.

BioSports is defined as the space where sports meets BioMed and BioTech. The vision ofthe BioSports platform is to create a platform where educators, inventors, doctors, retired players, current players, stadium/arena owners and facilities operators, rehab professionals, trainers, and IT professionals can meet and collaborate from their own unique disciplines and create new cutting edge ideas that foster change, improve safety and performance (ie create safer helmets for concussion prevention), save energy, reduce carbon footprint, etc.

The business development opportunities for BioMedl BioTechl BioSport facilities throughout California and United States are numerous. Compared with Massachusetts, Southern California’s biomedical industry is relatively young with over half of its companies started in the past fifteen years.

Despite the youth of the industry in Southern California, the future is bright as numerous economists and political leaders see biotechnology as a key growth engine for the 21 st Century. The key factors for a successful BioMed/BioTech/BioSport campus are the presence of resources to partners with like research institutions, medical schools and hospitals, and major universities.

Understanding the demand drivers for space in the BioMed/BioTech/Bio Sport industries is not unique to BioMed Group, however that understanding coupled with the real estate industry expertise and strategic connections of our executive team provide us with a unique market opportunity.


Definition: The area of science devoted to the study of the processes of life, the prevention and treatment of disease, and the genetic and environmental factors related to disease and health.
Industry Position: Providing office space, research facilities and incubation space in the BioMedical industry is an established mature industry. The biotech industry in Southern California is not as mature as in Boston or San Francisco as it is 30 years old in its evolution. The major BioMed hubs throughout the United States includeof a few major factors: including proximity to Universities or Major Medical Facilities and co-investment from broader government agencies like State, County or City agencies.Understanding and directing the requirements for successful hubs is how we will develop profitable projects. We will make the most of our relationships with City/County employees, qualified research Doctor’s as well as University staff & students to foster collaboration in the areas related to disease and health.


Definition: Biotechnology research is the integration of natural science and organisms, cells, parts thereof, and molecular analogues for products and services. Biotechnology is based on the basic biological sciences and conversely provides methods to support and perform basic research in biology.
Industry Position: Very similar to the BioMedical field this is a mature sector of the industry, the keys to success lie with the strategic relationships in the Technology industry and the willingness for them to form partnerships with our partners in the BioMedical


Definition: Sports Medicine in its research form. BioSportresearch is an extension of BioMedical/BioTechnologycombined with research from leaders from the NCAA, NBA, NFL, MLB, MLS, etc. This is a fairly new industry and will incite collaboration from each own unique discipline and incubate and create new cutting-edge ideas that foster change, save energy, create safer environments, etc.
Industry Position: Providing adequate space to this industry is a new environment. Developing research facilities, office space and incubation spaces that are world class and cutting edge is how we will take advantage the industry trend increase. We will rely on established connections by the Executive staff to lease space to industry leaders in the BioSportIndustry. This will allow us to successfully compete with any additional firms in the space.






The Members of the team all bring direct experiential equity.

The BioMed Development Group is founded & managed by Dr. Philip Hart of Hart Realty Advisors and Bruce Thomas of the Thomas Advisory Group.

Dr. Hart is a veteran of this sector with experience as a planner, developer, and civic leader having spearheaded major BioMed Hub projects throughout the US.

Mr. Thomas manages a full-service real estate development, brokerage and advisory firm specializing in commercial, office, industrial, hotel and resort development. Bringing the two minds together creates a solid base of experience and organizational management that will allow us to circumvent the usual barriers to entry that exist for additional firms in the space.

Both Bruce and Phil have experience in anticipating risk and risk management, finding creative capital solutions and innovative real estate developments. Phil especially has extensive knowledge of developing BioMed projects and their connection to the Urban Community. He has established practices and processes that will provide an advantage over other Developers in the space.Click here to add your own text


The Members of the team all bring direct experiential equity.

Another way we harness ourcompetitive advantage is to develop and maintain strategic partnerships. We will use our established network of industry professionals to source opportunities in the BioMed/ BioTech/ BioSports industries.
This will allow us to entice future strategic partners using the synergy effect and thus allowing them bundle their strengths for growth and profit enhancement. Such strategic partnerships will help limit risk during site selection and predevelopment, and leasing activities.
This form of strategic collaboration has made it very easy to program future collaborations between various partners and future tenants.

Current Identified Strategic Partners:

  • Microsoft NextCity
  • Qualcom
  • NBA Players Association
  • NFL
  • MLB
  • Nike, Adidas, Puma, Under Armor
  • Individual Athletes and retired players, Shaquille O’Neil, Byron Scott, Fat Lever


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